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Explore Our Leading Resource Hub Designed for Australian Building Surveyors and Inspectors.

Welcome to the leading resource hub designed for Australian Building Surveyors and Inspectors. Our mission is to equip professionals in the construction and building inspection industry with timely updates and a detailed glossary of terms critical for navigating the complexities of building defects and regulations.

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Our vision

A Valuable Resource Empowering Building Surveyors and Inspectors

Our vision is to provide a valuable resource that helps ensure the safety, compliance, and integrity of buildings throughout Australia.

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Industry Updates

Keep up to date of the latest news, regulatory changes, and innovations affecting the building and construction industry.

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Glossary of Terms

An extensive guide to the terminology and concepts essential to building surveying and inspection. This resource is regularly updated to reflect new developments and terminologies in the industry.

Kyrillos Ghaly

Kyrillos Ghaly is an experienced building surveyor based in Sydney. Kyrillos currently serves as the Director at Building Certifiers Pty Ltd. Kyrillos, developed this website to provide a useful resource to fellow Australian building inspectors and surveyors.

Kyrillos Ghaly