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Building Certifiers Learning Resource (BCLR) is a platform to provide building surveyors and inspectors with access to up-to-date and in-depth information relating to construction in Australia, including relevant code changes and new building materials.

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Regularly updated, our news section brings you the latest in legislation, technological advancements, and industry shifts. These critical insights equip you with the knowledge to navigate the ever-evolving regulations and practices, ensuring your projects not only comply but excel.

Key Industry Terms

The construction and building surveying industries are filled with specialised terminology. Our glossary provides clear definitions that enhance your understanding of practices and assist your communication.


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Understanding these terms is crucial for professionals navigating the complexities of building codes, regulations, and construction practices.


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You'll find definitions for a range of key terms that frequently appear in the context of building surveying and inspection.

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We're committed to helping further the standards of excellence within the building and construction industry, paving a way toward a future where every project is completed safely, efficiently, and sustainably.

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