Kyrillos Ghaly

Kyrillos Ghaly is the Director at Building Certifiers Pty Ltd, a building certification company based in Paramatta. Kyrillos’ role as Director is to manage the team of Building Inspectors, Engineers, Certification Experts, and support staff to ensure building projects in Sydney and Greater Western Sydney are approved with minimal delays.

Growing up in Sydney, Kyrillos initially studied a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physio) at the University of Western Sydney, graduating in 2013. However, discovering his interest in the property and construction industry, Kyrillos then completed a Diploma as well as a Certificate 4 in Building & Construction at the Australian Qualification College.  

Committed to lifelong learning, in 2019 Kyrillos went on to complete a Diploma of Building Surveying, and a Graduate Certificate of Building Surveying at Western Sydney University.  

Kyrillos worked as a Building Regulations Consultant at City Plan before joining Building Certifiers Pty Ltd as a Director in 2022. With a perfectionist approach, Kyrillos manages a team and also delves into project details and site inspections himself, adhering to high-quality standards and rigorous accreditation criteria, and dealing with various councils across Sydney. Kyrillos has an unwavering dedication to excellence, he navigates the intricacies of building certification, consistently delivering success for his clients and the projects under his remit. Over his career, Kyrillos has contributed to numerous large-scale projects, showcasing his proficiency in managing complex projects with precision.  

Kyrillos is also currently a member of the Australian Institute of Building Certifiers and the Association of Australian Certifiers to stay up to date with any changing code or building requirements as well as to work with other property professionals.  

In his spare time, Kyrillos actively mentors and supports junior professionals, playing a crucial role in fostering the growth and development of the next generation in the industry.